“The Lost Language of Cranes”—a review

A really wonderful novel, multi-layered, well written and well paced, with genuine insight into what people feel and think. It’s about family ties (or the hurtful absence thereof), about guilt and its nefarious weight, about love and how difficult it is to find it, about the heaviness of existence some of us experience… Read the whole review on


“Fire on the Island” by Timothy Jay Smith

“Fire on the Island” is a playful, romantic thriller set in contemporary Greece, with a gay Greek-American FBI agent, who is undercover on the island to investigate a series of mysterious fires—that’s what the blurb says.

What is my take on the novel? Well, the book doesn’t speak of a postcard-Greece one might encounter when spending one’s holidays holed up in a vacation resort, but the real country with its heart-rending present-day problems… Reading this book really was like being in Greece. Enjoyable read, when all is said and done. Recommended to all crime fiction lovers.

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Guest posts & reviews

I’m honored to have been asked to write guest posts for two more blogs. If you want to find out why my new novel is set in Egypt, please check out “Why Egypt” on The Blogger Girls.

On Love Bytes Reviews, I’m talking about how I fell in love with Raphaël and Stefano, the two main characters of “Till Death Do Us Part”.

MM Midnight Café hosts my post about how I was thinking I’d become an ambassador or a scholar when I was younger, and how I ended up working as a graphic designer… and a writer in my spare time.

Oh, and btw, Crucify My Love as well as Sinfully Good Gay Book Reviews have written two reviews of my book

Guest Post on Lily G. Blunt’s Blog

Today is the Big Day—my new novel “Till Death Do Us Part” is finally released in English. For the occasion, I’m proud to announce I’m hosted by Lily G. Blunt as a guest blogger, telling you how I “stole” the two main characters of my novel, Raphaël and Stefano… Check it out here