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Simon Dale and the Pink Hippopotamus

Uncommon Adventures, book #1

Young Brit Simon Dale has just obtained his master’s degree in political science and moved to his mother’s hometown Paris to look for a job. Unexpectedly, he is hired by an international agency he has never heard of before—the UNBUA or United Nations Bureau of Uncommon Affairs.

His new boss, Undersecretary Rodelio de Montferrat, turns out to be devastatingly handsome, reckless, and more than just a bit odd. Only an hour after Simon’s job interview, they are both on a plane headed to Luxor. It seems that the Egyptian president has been attacked, and they are supposed to investigate the incident.

Little does Simon know what awaits him. Even in his wildest dreams, he couldn’t have guessed it, either. “Odd” doesn’t even begin to describe the creatures he’s about to meet, the adventures he’s going to live, and the dangerous situations he must face.

Probably, the word “uncommon” should have set him thinking from the get-go…

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