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How to Bed a Prime Minister

How to Bed a Prime Minister

Light Hearts Trilogy, book #3

A guy who doesn’t believe in love meets a guy who doesn’t have time for it. Sounds like a romance that simply isn’t meant to happen? There’s only one way to find out…

Dirk Bormann is bored. Very bored. Because Stinksö, for Christ’s sake! The last outpost of Northern civilization, or so it feels. A small island three hours away from buzzing Stockholm—and hot guys!—with only squirrels and the odd elk to talk to…

Then, his first kayak excursion almost ends fatally. Luck would have it that he’s fished out of the suddenly raging sea by a handsome professor of economics, Sven Bergson. They share dinner, they share stories and laughs, they share a bed, alas only innocently, they bond. And suddenly, there seems to be room for more…

But where Dirk has no intention of ever falling in love, Sven has no time for it. A busier university professor probably ne’er was seen. Or does he have another agenda altogether? Whatever it is, when they meet again in the heart of Stockholm, a spark ignites, which leaves both utterly confused… Could it be love? And aren’t all the odds against them?

This is the third and last summer romance of the Light Hearts series.

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