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The Stuffed Coffin

The Stuffed Coffin

Damien Drechsler’s investigations, book #1

After breaking up with his boyfriend, Damien Drechsler needs a holiday. The Greek village of Levkos seems like the perfect place to go—dozy, sunny, bucolic, with lonely beaches and little bars where he can drown his sorrows.

But the very first night, Damien meets Nikos, a dashing young man, who makes his heart beat faster all of a sudden. Then, he is almost run over by a reckless driver. The next day he learns that an old man has been killed in a suspicious-looking car accident only minutes after his own misadventure.

From then on, everything seems to go wrong. A well-endowed nudist tries to seduce him; a handsome lad sets off a misunderstanding with far-reaching consequences; and last but not least, Damien starts to fall for Nikos. Worse, a tourist dies in the hotel swimming pool although she seemed in perfect health the day before. Another accident? Or could it be… murder?

Intrigued, Damien tries to unravel the odd puzzles he has stumbled upon. But what with the bellicose police inspector he has to deal with, the sudden disappearance of a sports activity leader, and Nikos who drops him just when he starts to feel hope again, he suddenly has more questions than answers… Could it be that the “Happily Ever After” existed only in fairy tales?

The French version “Le cercueil farci” has been awarded the Gay Crime Fiction Award 2019 (Prix du roman policier / Prix du roman gay 2019)

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