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Book #2 of the “Light Hearts” trilogy is out!

The second installment in the Light Hearts trilogy has been published and officially launched last Monday, Jan. 31st. It tells the story of how Karim, whom you’ve briefly encountered in book #1 How to Bed a Millionaire, meets and beds a rock star…

Here’s the blurb:

A nice guy meets a tortured rock star—what are the odds they end up together? Close to nil, right? But sometimes an open heart and mind can work miracles.

Karim successfully helped Trevor and Chao get their love story on the right tracks. He even moved to Paris on their suggestion. Now he’s jobless and all alone in the big city because Trevor and Chao are off on an important quest and Dirk has joined his aunt Karin in Sweden. 

Karim’s only spark of hope is an unexpected mission: play chauffeur for a famous rock star. That is, “famous” … Karim only likes 80s tunes, so he doesn’t have a clue who this guy really is. And honestly? You couldn’t say they hit it off immediately. The man who calls himself Angel Dust is surly, withdrawn, haughty, outright hostile. He also turns out to be… stunningly handsome. Karim’s dream guy.

Ugh. Nothing can come out of this encounter. A chauffeur and his illustrious client, both from different worlds, with clashing characters… And yet, to get into a rock star’s bed might not be the most difficult thing on earth (you can ask any groupie out there). To get into his head and heart? Did someone say impossible?

This is the second summer romance of the Light Hearts series.

You can grab your copy here:

Amazon | ebook & paperback

Kobo | ebook

If you wish to read the first reviews, please proceed to the book’s Goodreads page!

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