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Guest in the M/M Euro Book Banter group

I’m so sorry! You know, summer and colleagues on holidays—loads of work to do. That’s why I completely forgot to announce this on the day itself, and afterwards it almost slipped my mind: last Monday, I had the immense honour and privilege to be invited to the M/M Euro Book Banter group on Facebook for their weekly #authormonday. 

FYI, the M/M Euro Book Banter group is a private group (which I urge you to join because it’s such a fun place to hang out in) the description of which says, “A place to discuss and recommend M/M romance books set in the UK/Europe or written by UK/European Authors. Not a dating site. Everything is love here. Please don’t be a twat. Thank you and welcome.”

I hadn’t prepared anything (those who know will NOT be surprised at all), yet somehow managed to flood the thread all day long, chatting about myself, posting some videos, and generally talking about my books. I presented all my six novels and even added an excerpt for each to pique the members’ interest and to allow them to get an idea of the tone and style.

If you want to check out the whole presentation, brace yourself for rather longish posts. You can find them on the group thread. Just head over to M/M Euro Book Banter, join the group, then select Discussion and change the post display setting from Most relevant to New posts. Scroll down to August 1st, and enjoy 🙂

I want to thank my friends over in the group and especially its founding member, awesome fellow writer Sophia Soames, for inviting me and bearing with me all day long. You’re a fabulous bunch to hang out with!

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