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“How to Bed a Prime Minister”—out SOON!

This is it. The third and final book of the Light Hearts series is ready and will soon be released. Many of you have been waiting impatiently for this new rom-com adventure, which tells the tale of Dirk Bormann, the guy who shags faster than his shadow, who collects guys like others collect stamps, who mixes up names, and who doesn’t believe in love. Because… of reasons. Don’t question him. He won’t tell. Or will he?

Anyway, it’s a funny-sunny romance set partly in beautiful Stockholm, partly in its wider archipelago. So, main ingredients: nature. And hygge (if you wonder what that is, check out this amazing Wikipedia-article). And kanebullar, which are those wonderful Swedish cinnamon pastries that are simply to die for. And a solid, earnest university professor. And some friends of the sort we’d all like to have because they’re really BGFF—Best Gay Friends Forever. And of course, Dirk been Dirk, some hot random hook-ups. And quirky situations. And there might even be a royal VIP to make an appearance, but it’s still very hush, hush…

Title: How to Bed a Prime Minister
Series: Light Hearts Trilogy
Release Date: July 14, 2022
Available on: Amazon & Kobo
Formats: Ebook & paperback

You can already pre-order your copy here. The Kobo-link will be up soon, too…

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