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Pre-release excerpt of “How to Bed a Prime Minister”

[Dirk Bormann has just met Sven Bergson in a quite peculiar manner. Here they are now sitting in Sven’s living room about to have coffee…]

I offer him my best, apologetic smile. “I’m really sorry. In normal circumstances I’m less clumsy with people. Could we rewind the whole conversation, please? First, I want to thank you for having rescued me. You saved my life out there. Without your swift intervention, I certainly would have died.” I extend my hand. “My name is Dirk. Dirk Bormann.”

Still amused, he shakes my hand without taking his eyes off me. “It’s a pleasure. I’m Sven Bergson.”

“Sven. Obviously.”

His eyebrows rise while he leans forward and pours coffee into the mugs. He keeps one and hands me the other. “What’s that supposed to mean? In Sweden we aren’t all named Sven, you know.”

I take the cup, nod my thanks, and say, “Of course not. You’re all named Gustaf. Everyone knows that.”

His eyebrows rise even higher. “I beg your pardon?”

“Like in that Krisprolls ad. When that guy eats the Krisprolls on the sly, and his wife says, ‘Gustaf!’”

For a second, he’s too stunned to speak. Then he laughs. “That must be the silliest thing I ever heard. So silly it even makes sense, somehow. But why did you say ‘obviously’ when you heard my name?”

“Because for once I’m lucky. In fact, I’m terrible with first names. But I think Sven will be easy. I won’t mix it up with Sten or Kent, for starters. Nor confound it with Gustaf.”

“What?” He studies me with the earnest expression of an entomologist who has just discovered a new and fascinating bug. 

I guess I must be honest for once. “I’m dyslexic.” I shrug as if that doesn’t bother me. “That’s why names and words always get muddled in my head. But my new in-law is called Sven. It took me a while to get that straight, but now, I don’t call him other names any longer.” I tap my temple with a finger. “Sven. Hello, Sven. Thank you, Sven. How are you, Sven? You see—saved on my hard drive.”

He laughs again. “Glad to hear that. Even though I wouldn’t mind being called Sten or Kent. Especially when I know where the mix-up comes from. Dyslexia is one of those handicaps most people don’t take seriously. But it can be embarrassing for those who suffer from it.”

The novel will be released on July 14, 2022.

You can grab your copy of “How to Bed a Prime Minister”, book 3 of the funny-sunny romance trilogy “Light Hearts”, at the special pre-order and release price on

Amazon (ebook & paperback) or Kobo.

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