English | Good news for all those who boycott Amazon and don’t have an ebook reader that handles the Kobo-format: I have reactivated my Smashwords account and uploaded all my novels. I’ll upload any new novel from now on, too. FYI, my pricing policy is that my books cost exactly the same on all platforms where they are available.

So, what is Smashwords exactly? Well, it’s just the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks. As such, it turns out to be the perfect “tool” for independent writers as well as a wonderful platform for readers who want to discover new voices in all categories and genres of the written word. Once you register, the site offers useful tools for search, discovery, and personal library management. Most of the books on Smashwords are affordably priced and multi-format (including epub, mobi/Kindle, pdf, lrf-Sony Portable Reader, pdb, txt and html for online reading).

You can find my author page and the list of published novels here:

Dieter on Smashwords


Français | Bonne nouvelle pour tous ceux qui boycottent Amazon et qui n’ont pas de lecteur d’ebook qui gère le format Kobo : j’ai réactivé mon compte Smashwords et y ai déposé tous mes romans. J’y mettrai aussi tous les nouveaux romans à partir de maintenant. Pour info, mes livres coûtent exactement le même prix sur toutes les plateformes où ils sont disponibles.

Alors, Smashwords, qu’est-ce que c’est ? Eh bien, c’est juste le plus grand distributeur au monde d’ebooks écrits par des auteurs indépendants. En tant que tel, il s’avère être l’outil parfait pour les écrivains indépendants ainsi qu’une merveilleuse plate-forme pour les lecteurs qui souhaitent découvrir de nouvelles voix dans toutes les catégories et tous les genres. Une fois que vous vous êtes inscrit, le site propose des outils utiles de recherche, de découverte et de gestion de votre bibliothèque personnelle. La plupart des livres sur Smashwords sont proposés à des prix tout à fait abordables et en plusieurs formats (y compris epub, mobi/Kindle, pdf, lrf/Sony Portable Reader, pdb, txt et html pour lecture en ligne). Seul petit bémol, le site n’existe qu’en anglais.

Vous pouvez trouver ma page auteur et la liste des romans publiés ici :

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Deutsch | Gute Nachrichten für alle, die Amazon boykottieren und keinen E-Book-Reader haben, auf dem das Kobo-Format funktioniert: Ich habe mein Smashwords-Account reaktiviert und alle meine Romane hochgeladen. Ich werde ab jetzt auch jeden neuen Roman hochladen. Zur Info, meine Bücher kosten auf allen Plattformen, auf denen sie erhältlich sind, gleich viel.

Also, was genau ist Smashwords? Nun, es ist einfach der weltweit größte Vertreiber für E-Books unabhängiger AutorInnen. Als solches erweist es sich als perfektes “Werkzeug” für unabhängige SchriftstellerInnen sowie als wunderbare Plattform für LeserInnen, die neue Stimmen in allen Kategorien und Genres entdecken möchten. Sobald ihr euch eingeschrieben habt, verfügt ihr über tolle Online-Tools, mit denen ihr Bücher suchen entdecken und in eurer persönlichen Bibliothek verwalten könnt. Die meisten Bücher auf Smashwords sind preisgünstig und in mehreren Formaten erhältlich (einschließlich epub, mobi/Kindle, pdf, lrf/Sony Portable Reader, pdb, txt und html zum Online-Lesen). Leider ist die Smashwords-Website in Englisch.

Meine Autorenseite und die Liste meiner Romane findet ihr hier:

Dieter auf Smashwords


Joe Okonkwo’s brand new short story collection

This! I repeat: this! Definitely. This is how short stories should be written. Each one rounded and anchored in itself, economical with time and space, each almost sparingly deploying just as many scenes as necessary, with a raw intensity pulsing within, and written in that simple prose which, most authors will surely concur, is the most difficult writing goal to achieve.

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Josh Lanyon’s latest release…

This fourth instalment of Josh Lanyon’s cozy mystery series ‘Secrets and Scrabble’ takes me back to Pirate’s Cove, the small town on Bluff Island. After having been roughed up at the end of his last adventure, Ellery Page, former New York-based actor, has returned to his little house and his job as the owner of the local mystery bookshop. But new enigmas seem to just have been waiting for him to recover.

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And another Josh Lanyon millésime…

I think it’s the perfect blend of murder investigation (a classical whodunnit) and the parallel development both of the main characters and their relationship that made this such an enjoyable, even intriguing read. What made this journey so interesting was the fact that nothing was simplistic (not even simple) and that I could sense their road would remain bumpy and difficult even after the denouement of the murder mystery. But at the same time, the mutual commitment someone as romantically inclined as I always hopes for was there and let me foresee more harmony than the book started out with.

My whole review can be found on


“Bell, Book and Scandal”—another great Lanyon

I should be mighty cross with Josh Lanyon (if she weren’t such a sweet woman) because she deprived me of my much-needed beauty sleep. Once more, I should add. I opened this latest (and for-now last) installment of the ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ trilogy late one evening, took it up the following evening… and then was so caught in the tangles of the plot and the suspense coming in with a vengeance in the middle of the story that I simply couldn’t put it down.

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“How to Love”—Susan Hawke’s last installment

I got another prime example for insta-love in this one. Most of those who read my reviews know I’m not particularly keen on that as it often turns out very unrealistic and inauthentic. But strangely enough it seemed to work in this book, probably because it was kind of a serene recognition of kindred souls rather than the Zing-Boing-Bam plot one normally gets.

The whole review of Susan Hawke’s last installment in the “Lovestrong”-series on


Great biography: “Elizabeth and Monty”

What I enjoyed was that the book made me see both Elizabeth’s and Monty’s lives in all their glory and gloom, dwelling on the important steps of their careers and their personal lives, always coming back to the main focus: their lasting friendship. In one word, a double-biography I highly recommend.

The whole review on


“After Francesco”–emotional

I couldn’t read the novel in one go. It was just too emotional an experience for me, so I took it in small steps, chapter after chapter. For a fast reader like me, it was almost a first—a month to finish a mere 304 pages. This is a truly amazing book that gripped me from page one and didn;t leave me indifferent. It certainly has made it immediately onto my list of favorite reads, and I highly and sincerely recommend it.

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Picano’s “Dryland’s End” republished

The book is full of plots, subplots, intrigues and counter-intrigues, twists and turns that kept me not only busy turning pages in a half frenzy—once I started reading, I couldn’t stop—but also in awe. Planning and writing a book on such a scale, with so many strings weaving in and out of one another, with so many characters, so many levels and shades, is a titanic undertaking.

The whole review on