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Feeling honoured—one of my as of yet unpublished poems has been published on the website of the Club littéraire du Marais (in English and French) | Très honoré – un de mes poèmes pas encore publiés a été mis en ligne sur le site du Club littéraire du Marais (en anglais et français)

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“Gray Paree”, a real page-turner

“Gray Paree” by Garrett Hutson—a real page-turner with an overall likeable cast, a book I can recommend without a moment’s hesitation. The writing was good, solid, with just enough descriptions and frills to make it engaging and colorful. The author knows what he’s doing when he picks up his quill, so to say, and seems to have researched the time and place where the novel is set with much care for details.

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“The Book of Lies”, a non-scholarly review

Picano succeeds in weaving a fine web of lies and all sorts of ploys that not only drew me in but also dazzled me to a point where I assumed things I had no grounds for assuming. Very cleverly done, and very efficient for this sort of “detective”-like plot.

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“A Body on the Hill” by Brad Shrives

I like my mysteries easy, smooth, fluffy and cozy, but not exclusively. From time to time, I yearn for something grittier, grimier, slightly rougher and more rugged. This book was the ideal read for that craving. The main character Mitch, who tells the story in the first person, is an excellent observer, capable of conveying the sensation of a situation or a setting in a few chosen words. And he is living in the real world, where things are tough and life more a question of day-to-day survival than pursuit of happiness. 

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Brad Shreves’s “A Body in a Bathhouse”—5 stars

This was an intriguing read, a murder mystery I would really define as unputdownable and a page-turner where I got plenty of clues but had the impression I remained clueless almost till the end. An excellent read with blood, sweat, and tears as well as a hunt for the culprit that drew me in from the first page.

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“Gaydonia”—highly entertaining

‘Gaydonia’ is a wicked farce that criticizes with subtle charm and wit the excesses of modern mass tourism and the willingness of many people to sacrifice everything in order to earn money – be it their culture, their traditions, their language even. A very amusing and entertaining book indeed, playful, imaginative, skilfully written, professionally edited and proofread, with twists and turns on every other page…

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Another excellent Kraychik mystery—read and reviewed

Another brilliant whodunnit by the late Grant Michaels. Michaels is a master of atmosphere, a writer who manages to create intriguing characters with just a couple of paint strokes and make them three-dimensional. The main character, Stan, remains the same old sharp-tongued, witty observer of his fellows and the same remorseless troublemaker for all those who have something to hide.

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“Rex vs. Regina”—the fourth book of the “Line of Succession” series

Twists, turns, schemes, plots, counterplots, palace intrigues abound once again in this fourth installment of Harry F. Rey’s addictive Line of Succession series (one should have read books one, two and three prior to tackling this one). This book is again masterfully written, perfectly paced and neatly cut into those neat little chunks that more often than not end with cliffhangers. Speaking of which: the book itself ends with a huge one…

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“Simple Justice”, a perfect read for mystery lovers

Masterfully written, with a main character who has edges, weak spots, ghosts that the author explores with great subtlety, and secondary characters who are all just as three-dimensional. The author also created a plot that in itself would have drawn me in, no matter what. For those who like their murder mysteries gay, strong and straightforward, well-written and perfectly paced, with characters one can easily relate to, this is a must-read.

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